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Spherical Elephant is a design & development firm located in Vienna, Austria. We specialize in Branding, Design and Software Development. Talk to us about your needs, we work hard to offer you the best product at competitive rates.

Who We Are

Patrick Sturm, MSc.
CEO, Backend and Mobile Development
Patrick has over 8 years of mobile development expertise and lectures at UAS Technikum Wien since 2012. Give Patrick a complex data management problem and watch him solve it like a rubik's cube without stickers.
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Farhad Shahbazi
CTO, System Administrator and Software Development
Farhad has over 9 years of experience in sys/devops and regularly gets involved in our frontend and backend development projects. He has an uncanny ability to communicate complex ideas in simple terms, so we refer to him as the client-whisperer.
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Manuel Holczmann
CFO, Finance and Sales
Manuel has been a comptroller since 2006. He handles the paperwork, deals and negotiating. When you sign a contract with us, you can be sure that it'll be fair, accurate and properly presented. He's also an engineer and loves to work on hardware development projects.
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Nino Perin, MSc.
Software Engineer
Nino's knowledge of the responsive web, app and frontend development is outstanding. Whatever your interface needs to do, Nino knows the best way to build it.
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Lukas Herzberger, BA
Software Engineer
Lukas has studied computer sciences for 4+ years now and will never stop. His desk is covered in books and raspberry pi sensors.
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Lorenz Herzberger
Software Engineer
Lorenz is our latest addition to the team, a talented and focused engineer we're happy to have aboard. Yes, Spherical Elephant has a new hobby, we're collecting Herzbergers.
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